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Ghoriba bel loz


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Ingredient list

Kg flour (8 cups medium)
3 cups butter
1 cup powdered sugar
Egg white
Atom salt
Half-Luz Beauty


- Sift the flour, beat butter with sugar until the electric bat and enjoy the mixture becomes like precious stones.
- Beat egg whites with a fork and add the vanilla to the mixture while continuing to former whipping.
- Add the flour gradually and knead until the amount is made ​​up not stick to a soft dough by hand and may not take all the amount of flour.
- Heat oven then form the dough into small balls the size of large and Hazelnut stitch the almonds and half-press it by hand.
- Bake in the oven medium heat, even taking into account the maturity is not to change their color.
- Raise the Alsajat as it exits from the oven carefully.
- Leave to cool completely and then stacked in boxes of introduction.