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Carrots and ginger soup


Recipe detail

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Ingredient list

3 tablespoons butter, a large
6 Islands size peeled and workshops
1 teaspoon fresh ginger furred
6 cups broth (vegetable broth preferred)
Salt and pepper
2 cups orange juice


- Heat the butter over medium heat.
- Add the carrots and stir, then add the broth and season with salt and ginger.
- When the mixture begins to boil reduce heat and let simmer until carrots.
- Divide the soup into parts (easy to hit) and hit the electric mixer.
- Before serving, add orange juice and re-heated.
- Should mix the juice and soup before they are submitted at least two hours until homogeneous components.

Can be served cold or warm, and adorned with little cream and fresh mint paper if available. You can save this soup freezer for three months.