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Freek soup with tomatoes


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Ingredient list

- A cup of AllAfrica (Frike).

- A tablespoon of margarine.

- Four medium onions chopped coarse.

- Diced tomatoes, medium size (amount as desired).

- Parsley and chopped green coriander coarse.

- Mtostan cups of tomato juice.

- Liter chicken broth spiced with salt.

- Medium tablespoon of tomato paste.

- Yogurt and parsley Beauty Beauty too.


Freek  wash well into the strainer to get rid of all impurities that could suspend it, like the Each grain crushed, and then leaves and stir with the onions in the butter, grated coarse plant until yellow color and tender.

Add the tomato juice and chicken broth Majunha and never marinated with salt.

Leaves on medium heat until fully cooked.

Scoop in the bowl of submission and outlines Balmekdons and yogurt.

AllAfrica of grain crushed important for the digestive system, especially the esophagus to the colon, for it serves as a filter .. Concludes the colon from oxidation caused by deposits of foods.