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Raqat vegetable salad with Homs


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Ingredient list

3 tablespoons olive oil
Large 3 tablespoons lemon juice
Salt and pepper
1 cup authority Homs
3 tomatoes without seed chopped into small pieces
2 small pieces clip option
1 cup white cheese section of small cubes
1 cup black olives rings without seed
1 Islands, peeled and grated


- Oil mixed with lemon juice and season with salt and pepper and leave aside Altaatbalh.
- Put the authority of chickpeas in a deep glass bowl with the settlement of its surface covered with tomatoes and then cut a second layer, and season with one-third of the amount of Altaatbalh.
- Added option cut a third layer with the other one third of Tetbilha Altaatbalh.
- Surveillance cut cheese in the form of outer ring layer option, and then followed by an episode of the olive, and finally put grated carrots in the middle and distributed the rest Altaatbalh above that layer.