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Rice with chicken


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Ingredient list

1 / 2 kilo chicken Evacuated or chicken breast and 1 / 4 kilo green onions

A clove of garlic


Tablespoon margarine

Hot sauce

Tablespoon oil

Green peppers

2 cups rice

2 cups onions

Red pepper

2 tablespoons Ketchup



Cut chicken breast cubes and washed and dried and Balmstrdh and season with ketchup, onions and chopped green part of green pepper The Red and the chopped garlic and leave for an hour at least.

Wash rice and soak for half an hour and then filtered from the water soaking and season with spices and brown chicken cubes marinated in butter and pepper colors in addition to a small section slices and stir to the fire and add the sauce and stir until matures.

Raise chicken in a dish and put the chicken place 2 cups of water and leave to boil and then brown the onions in margarine chopped until yellow color.

Add rice and stir-marinated

Pour boiling water on the place of the chicken and leave to absorb and then calm down the fire until cooked.

Scoop of rice and chicken is placed upon the mature and enters the oven five minutes, outlines, and serve hot with salad and have a full meal.