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Classic Italian Pizza


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Yeast simple rule: This rule is a traditional dough for most popular types of pizza, a simple method does not take more than fifteen minutes. enough to work along the base diameter of 25 cm, 225 g flour,

Teaspoon of salt

0.6 g yeast

, A tablespoon of olive oil

0.175 ml warm water.


My flour and salt in a deep bowl mix the yeast and warm them.

2 Make a hole in the center of flour and oil, where the boy was part of the water enough to mix the dough may You do not need all the amount of water required.

3 Ajna strewn on the surface of the dough over it a little flour to be made ​​up to have a soft dough do not attach to the surface and your hands.

4 forms of paste on the ball and then Astkhaddmiha as required by each recipe.

Fast rule for the preparation: This rule is characterized as the instant they do not need to time to be used by the brewing ,

The varieties used in the pizza light. Does not require preparation only ten minutes.