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Obsession with beauty is not restricted to just women but men also

A world of beauty has long been the preserve of women, since soccer liked women's adornment and turns on it to attract men, and take specialists looked after in the manufacture of articles of adornment and beauty, but in our time the man decided contemporary break into the world, went online and found the field oriented, Vmsthoudrat beauty and skin care for men are filled with shelves of stores, and became a men's salon competes in the women's salons and presentations that show blends beauty and handsome and clean reflect the personal card is his personality that help him to leave a good impression to others.
Torch just admits he pays special attention to appearance, and says:
- Fine artists being shown in the social circles, to be of interest to Bmzara seems in the best, whether my body or my skin or my clothes, people do not know what in your pocket, but see your look. In official events go to the salon for the work of men's Moroccan bath, which helps to remove the layer of dead skin from the body. It also cleans the skin care front end to it before the people, as well as Albdekker for Nail Care, and pay not less than 35 dinars on every visit to the salon. In the House, I am of the Besbagh my beard and mustache black if I did not travel, and if you are traveling Esbghma not because his white sparkle with tuxedos.
He says the torch:
- Pick Msthoudrati plastic peeled from the skin and moisturizing creams very carefully from the stores designated for that purpose, and focus particularly on that contain olive oil and garlic. As more of the cream after shaving, some of which are softer than the skin, which gives them a sense of recovery.
And buy a year of incense perfuming with almost 250 dinars from Bahrain and Dubai, because it is a little cheaper than Kuwait. Must be Altatr when I came out of the house, Voda French perfume in the summer season, because it is light and I have 6 bottles of it priced at between 8 and 10 dinars, and in winter Otatr aromatherapy East, and after 3 minutes of my clothes halituous ghutra and dishdasha.
Complements his torch he says:
- Can not give up the care of my teeth look, Veradja dentist regularly every 6 months for the work of laundering and cleaning my teeth, and buy multiple items from toothpaste and all necessary care by pharmacies.
From France
Ashkanani to buy its own cosmetics from France, says:
- Do not look at the cost paid, because the skin care and hair thing is not an integral part of my diary, it is my age my mother was keen to take care of Bmzara outside. The main objective of the use of these products is to care for the health of skin, skin and hair, rather than a means of improving the exterior beauty, not the fault of the man himself, and take care of his appearance in a picture of personal cleanliness.
And about how to care for Bbashrth Ashkanani adds:
- In the summer, especially with the free Kuwait, we have to put a protective cream from the sun to protect my skin from the scorching rays that cause severe damage to her and damaged cells. Vontaki Msthoudrati of certain brands I buy from France cost me about 100 to 150 dinars per month.
As for the interest in poetry, it is necessary to develop a styling cream after bathing contains vitamins work to feed to appear in the appearance of impropriety.
Natural mixtures
Attention and care Bbashrth Shammari Mohammad says:
- The best mix of natural compound from medicinal herbs from when Attar and the price within reach, Kkhalth «Um Badr» a cream for the skin prevents the appearance of acne and treated skin, most of the pharmaceutical chemicals that certainly have side effects and tend their companies to make profit.
I visit the salon twice or three times per month and per visit cost me nearly 20 dinars, where I work both sides of the abrasives with hair and beard only. At home, use a facial lotion on a daily basis to wash my skin of impurities. Do not try new products for skin care promoted by means of publicity and advertising for fear it because it is oily type. As for my hair I was not turned to him only after his destructive hair spray «generation» and «Alpher» (individual hair Blow) Vatjht to be processed using the shampoo and conditioner Medical Center.
Pedicure in Thailand
Suleiman Al-Qattan fought Albdekker work experience in Thailand for the nails, and tells her, saying:
- There are large complexes Kalavuz dedicated solely to the work of Albdekker care and nails of hands and feet are excellent, I enjoyed this experience, especially that they put a group of small fish in the basin of water for the foot work to eat the dead skin cells. Jordan and brought some of the preparations the body's own cost me about 200 dinars, the price per Valalbh 90 dinars, because they are made ​​of salts of the Dead Sea known for its benefits great body.
He goes Qattan:
- Be sure to use shampoo for hair-free conditioner to prevent hair loss, and go to the salon twice a month to work for hair cream baths and cleaning of the skin, because it Mratk, and Moroccan bath once a year. My hairdresser did not change from 1992, has grown used to him and he knows exactly what I want. Do not skip the cream body moisturizer and body butter I buy is always custom shops, no less than the amount for about 25 dinars.
Keep up with fashion
From the viewpoint of Ahmed Zuwaid says:
- Do not support what he is doing these days of youth interest in superfluous Baksat hair obsession to the point, I think many people competing on these haircuts Balsallonat and pay large sums just to keep up with fashion. I do not like the man who cares about fine details related to girls significantly, the man himself The interest is necessary, but this is in the elegance and Tatrh and clean, but what I see in the salons of Bdekker and bath, etc. I am not convinced him completely. Characteristic of the man and his morals and efficiency is not the beauty of standards of masculinity.
And myself do not go to the salon only to shave the hair and beard just fine tune, all I care about is appearance clean and neatly in front of others, away from the Baroque, do not put the shampoo on my hair is, but my skin does not put out anything at all.
Open account
David Shammari confirms the strong interest in beauty and says:
- Do not skip the oil bath of all kinds, because I am more than used hair spray «generation», who styled the hair nicely, but destroy them, so I'm trying to budget to maintain decent shape with healthy hair that bathrooms nutrients that rebuild what he destroyed in the scalp.
And completed Shammari:
- I have an account opened at the salon where I deal with him because I go to him day after day to decorate my hair properly, it comes to in the last month asking me to his account of the «hurt me», because the amount may range between 70 and 80 dinars per month on my hair.
His skin and says:
- The sweetness of a man in his skin, so care for the special attention, be sure to mask yogurt option, which protects the skin from dehydration and gives it freshness, in addition to its usefulness in bleaching the face. Once every two months, I work a steam bath to clean the skin of pimples and other black, with the exception that does not put the products, artificial, praise be to God my skin is clear and does not have skin problems.
Care at home
Adel al-Maliki and wondering about who does not care about the outside appearance now, and says:
- Adom to follow up on the emerging of cosmetics for men through the Internet to preserve the freshness of my face and my hair, and also to look after the health of skin, Vhmamat oil and creams for hair does not leave my hair and never buy a decent special to give to spangle it to appear neatly, and I pay 15 dinars for an explosive one.
And on his visit to beauty salons to say:
- Do not hesitate too much on saloons, go to it once a month just to tell my hair and the work of a private bath cream mixing of hair is unique to the shop, and no more than account for 15 dinars. The rest of the beauty of the bath and clean the skin and refine the serpent, so Voqom every five days at home, prevention is better than cure and skin you have in front of others.
And when the problem consulted a specialist doctor or pharmacist for the best results, at one time appeared some freckles on my face, and spent on the treatment of more than 200 dinars. The most important thing I use a condom from the sun during the day to protect the skin from atmospheric changes, the weather in Kuwait, a strange sort of, in going through the four seasons in one day, must be well prepared to maintain the skin.

Fear of wrinkles
Faisal Rafie says a director of men's beauty salons:
- 80% of the men of Kuwait, in particular of young people aged between 28 and 39 years old interested in their beauty outside, but competing to appear in the best photo in front of others. Valakabbal the beauty centers become too large to realize the man the importance of health care for skin that is affected by many factors that make Java appears wrinkles at an early age, such as overexposure to the sun without the use of protectors to protect the skin, and repeated use of razors and water use limestone to wash the face.
And certainly the exposed skin changes with age, Valepeshrh in their twenties are completely different than in the fifties .. But does not love a man to enjoy the fresh skin free of blemishes and wrinkles? Of course, loves it and there is nothing to prevent him from attention to the delta and the freshness of his skin.


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