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Choosing a Hairstyle That's Right for Your Face Shape

They say that the hair is one's crowning glory. Although the term is used more for humor, your hair (or lack of it) can actually significantly affect your physical appearance. Every time we change our hairstyle, we feel different about ourselves. Even the way people look at us can also be affected. There are even special meanings that are given to certain hairdos.

If you're planning to get a new hairstyle soon, one of the most important factors to take into account is the shape of your face. Getting a hairstyle that's not suitable to your face's shape can make you look, well, not very pleasing. Hairstyles are about shape and geometry, so they are important in framing one's face to balance the overall look and shape.

Below is a list of the right hairstyle depending on the shape of your face:

OVAL - If you have an oval-shaped face, you don't have to worry much about which hairdo to choose, since you can wear your hair in practically any style. You can have your hair long, short, bobbed, or layered. The only thing you have to consider is which part of your oval shape you want to accentuate. Other than that, you have no other concerns.

ROUND - If your face is more round than oval in shape, your goal is to add length instead of width. If you have your hair done with height and fullness, it will give your face the illusion of being narrower. You can also tell your hairdresser to do away with bangs so the focal point is the bridge of your nose, which then creates a more oval shape. Stay away from hairstyles that add volumes through the sides.

SQUARE - The goal for those who have a square face is to not veer the focus away from the jawline, especially if it's strong. This is where having bangs can be handy. You can wear bangs that's swept to one side so it can create a diagonal movement, thereby minimizing the square shape.

HEART - Those with a heart-shaped face have narrower chins, so the aim is to create width around them. Any style with a textured chin-length do. Bangs are fine, too, so long as they are also swept to the side and not straight across as it can make your face appear shorter and wider.

OBLONG - The aim for those with an oblong-shaped face is to add width so the vertical length is minimized. If you have this type of face shape, you can try styles that are short to medium in length. If you want to have bangs, go for a straight-across style with side parts.

When you go to the salon to get your hair done and you're not sure what hairstyle to get, you can always ask your hairdresser which style would suit you best in regards to the shape of your face.


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