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My Secrets To Have Beach-Perfect Tresses

Styling and protection go hand in hand to ensure your hair stays in top condition. Here's how to make sure your tresses look their best on the beach

Whether you're heading to the beach while you still can before the humidity and heat kick in, or are heading off to cooler shores for your holidays, your hair will always need special attention at the beach. You'll want to look super stylish and protect it at the same time as the sun, salt and sand all take their toll on the condition and colour. So follow our easy guide to make sure you and your hair look hot all summer long.


Easy Styling

Tousled tresses

Wild-textured, loose hair is a no-brainer at the beach. This is an easy look that suits all face shapes and hair lengths, and calls for very little effort. Simply follow these steps to get it right. Wash your hair the day before hitting the beach. Take a coin-sized amount of styling mousse in your palm, run your fingers through your entire length and leave to air-dry.

To create texture, use a sea-salt spray through your locks and keep frizz to a minimum with an anti-frizz serum. Just a small amount will tame wild hair. Don't forget to keep some headbands or claw clips handy to keep your tresses in check if the sea breeze turns wild!

Wet casual chignon

There's nothing more sophisticated than no-nonsense tied-up hair on the beach. This is a practical look for anyone with long or medium length hair, and will help you stay sweat-free. You could either tuck-in a regular ponytail or twist hair into a casual chignon after applying a conditioning mask through the roots. Not only can you tame hair with the mask, but you also treat the tresses to a repair treatment all day. To finish, smooth flyaways with a bit of glossing mousse or serum.

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