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Keep Your Hair Healthy With Keeping Your Money

Whether it's short or long, curly or straight, you probably use your hair to make a statement. But if you often style or color your hair, then you also probably have some hair problems that these tips can help you with.

Split Ends

Understanding the structure of individual hair stands will help you prevent getting split ends. And preventing split ends is easier than trying to fix split ends. Hair has layers to it including a central core. To maintain its structure you need to keep the core and outer layers moistened and protected from damage. This means avoiding things that cause the hair to dry out, such as washing your hair every day, spending time in the sun, blow-drying, and using curling irons. To minimize damage from every day styling and shampooing, use a good conditioner and heat and UV protection hair products. The ends of your hair, where you first get split ends need the most condition and protection. Once you have split ends you cannot repair the damage and only a haircut will remove the split ends.


Coloring Your Hair At Home

Coloring your hair at home will cost you only about half as much or less as a salon coloring. But it can also lead to embarrassing mistakes if you are not adept at coloring your hair. To avoid missing large patches of hair or getting an uneven color, do invest in some of the same tools your salon stylist uses, such as a hair coloring brush, foil, and hair clips. If you have thick or long hair, have a friend do the coloring for you. When only doing a root touch up, you may need to choose a color that's lighter than what you applied to your entire head of hair as color does fade over time. If you are coloring all of your hair and have previous colored it, start with the roots and let that sit for several minutes before coloring the rest of your hair for a more even coloring.

Touching up Roots

Don't have time to color your hair? Then you can keep a bottle of root touch up available for special occasions. With root touch up you paint or spray a temporary color on your roots to reduce the obvious root growth that has yet to be colored. Since these are only a temporary solution, as the color washes off with your next shampoo, these products are best for special events when you need to look your best but don't have time for a salon visit.

Making Your Hair Look Fuller

Using a thickening cream can make flat or thin hair look thicker and livelier. Thickening hair creams have small molecules designed to stick to individual hair strands. This gives each hair strand more strength and prevents it from laying down flat as easily, giving your hair a fuller look.


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