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How to Save Money Through Bespoke Kitchen Design

It seems counter intuitive that a bespoke kitchen design can save you money, but if you make the right choices and are sure in what you're after, then it's likely to be the only way you can get the kitchen you've always dreamed of. And it's possible for it not to cost the world but to still be both beautiful and high quality.

Not everything needs to be custom

It seems like it might be the wrong way of thinking about things, but not every element in a bespoke kitchen design has to be bespoke. There are some things which you will be able to buy and install off the shelf, and will therefore be cheaper.

Keep the bespoke and designed elements for things which you wouldn't be able to get otherwise, for things which would be difficult and expensive to replace if they wear out quickly.

Cupboards and counters will cost you money, handles and fixtures can be bought on a budget.

A countertop doesn't need to be solid granite

The same look and the same quality can be achieved with an overlay in your bespoke kitchen design. Because granite is a particularly tough material, it doesn't need to be a huge slab of the stuff to make it an effective and hygienic surface. Instead you can simple get a granite counter top overlay which will have the effect of a solid piece but with substantially less expense. An added benefit of this will be that the overlays will be much less expensive than their solid equivalent, making them far easier to move and fit.

Not everything has to be 'the real thing'

Sometimes the luxury option isn't the most practical, and one thing you definitely want from your bespoke kitchen design is for it to be liveable. Hardwood floors, for example, might look beautiful. However they're very expensive, and they're also not very practical for kitchens (or bathrooms, not we come to mention it). This is because wood swells and expands, especially when it's used in moist conditions.

Instead, choose a vinyl which looks like wooden floorboards. Even the higher end versions will be cheaper than the real deal, and it can be made to look so similar to the real thing that you would barely notice the difference.

Equally, marble floor tiles can cost an arm and a leg, but there are man-made ceramic tiles available which look just as good for a lower price tag.

For your sleep bespoke kitchen design, you might choose stainless steel appliance to complete the look. A cheaper equivalent is to buy appliances which are stainless steel finish. While they're not actually made from steel and are therefore much cheaper, they have the added benefit of not showing up fingerprint marks like the metal equivalent, while still giving the same effect.


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