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After Six Years Of Being Single, Woman Marries Herself

After Six Years Of Being Single, Woman Marries Herself

We’ve all been there…tired of waiting around for ‘Mr. Right’ to appear, but this woman took it to a whole new level.

Grace Gelder had been single for six years and got sick of waiting any longer to get married, so she married herself. She visited Parliament Hill in London last November, and that was the scene where she proposed to herself on a park bench. Obviously, the answer was yes.

Grace then went on to let her friends and family know the great news, that she’d built up a great relationship with herself and was ready to take ‘the next step’. She does admit that she was a bit worried about coming off as “self absorbed”. You don’t say…

The “wedding” day was a very small gathering, with only 50 guests in a farmhouse. There was even the first wedding kiss…with a mirror.

As crazy as this story might sound, Grace is not the only woman who has ever married herself. Back in 2010, a Taiwanese woman named Chen Wei-yih also said yes to herself as well as Nadina Schweigert from North Dakota, who married herself back in 2012 after a painfully divorce. Nadina was waiting for someone to come along and make her happy until a friend asked her why she needed anyone to make her happy and that she should marry herself. Looks like Nadina definitely took her friend’s advice to heart.

This raises so many questions in my mind though.  Like, what happens if and when someone does come around and Grace decides to wants to marry them?  Does she have to divorce herself?  Did she have to get a marriage license to marry herself?  Did she put herself as her life insurance beneficiary?  What does she do if she wants to have kids?

So many unanswered questions…well, I wish Grace and herself the best of luck in their marriage!


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