Mistakes Made When Buying Jeans for Women

 Mistakes Made When Buying Jeans for Women

Jeans are a must-have in any woman's wardrobe. However, many women find shopping for jeans a stressful affair. Many of the women are forced to wear more than four different types of jeans before finding a pair that fits. Today, office culture is embracing a casual professional vibe. Therefore, it is commonplace to find women wearing jeans to the office. Nevertheless, wardrobe flexibility comes with a great responsibility. The dressing room is the only way to get you the right jeans. Some of the mistakes made by women include:

· Focusing on labels

Many women make the mistake of focusing on labels as opposed to fit. The label may provide important information pertaining to the style and size. It may also say whether the pair is a straight-leg or boot-cut style. However, the definition of boot-cut varies among different manufacturers. When you consider flares, some of the jeans for women flare out more when compared to others. There is no universal chart for sizes and as a result, it is common for a woman to wear a size 10 in a particular brand and 14 in another. When in doubt, it is advisable to try on more than two different sizes.

· Choosing a lighter wash

Color versatility comes handy when you are planning to wear jeans on a night out or when you are trying to wear a business but casual look. For your office wear, it is advisable to choose a darker wash because they look more polished. Furthermore, they are flattering when compared with the lighter wash.

 Mistakes Made When Buying Jeans for Women

· Wearing mom jeans

When you wear mom jeans, this is likely to age you fast. These taper-legged, light-washed, high-waist jeans may not be good for you. Unfortunately, most women like wearing these types of jeans because they fit different shapes. You are better of choosing some classic jeans, try several pairs until you discover a pair that fits comfortably.


· Wearing daughter's jeans

Many women make the mistake of wearing a pair of jeans that should be worn by their daughters. Wearing an item that is best worn by a teen is a strong indication that you do not know who you really are. Even if you are looking for the trendiest jeans, wearing younger girl's jeans makes you look much older.

· Wearing distressed jeans

When you choose distressed jeans with faded spots on the knees or thighs or bleaching on the hips, the distressing only seeks to emphasize this particular body parts. Therefore, if your jeans have faded spots on the thighs, these bleached spots will bring attention to these parts, making them to look bigger.




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