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Chocolate Tart with cream


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Ingredient list

3 / 2 cup sugar
6 tbsp butter
Chocolate milk
4 / 1 cup cream
4 / 1 cup flour
1 teaspoon vanilla
2 large eggs
Blank Whittien


- Grease muffin cups or small custard cups work with butter, and sprinkle the sugar in a medium-sized tray.
- Mix the butter with the chocolate and cream to be very dilute and is blessed with stirring.
- Ttfa fire and add vanilla and flour until the mixture blends.
- Mix the eggs, egg whites, and a quarter cup of sugar until the mixture becomes thick, about 10 minutes.
- Then Add the egg mixture into chocolate mixture gradually mixing well.
- Pour the mixture in the blood that Aldhunh Do not put more than 3 / 4 pot. Set oven for 10 minutes.
- After the cake out of the oven Papyrus for 5 minutes then Akhreign and feet immediately.